Aasim is a webcomic created by Demoniaaa

It all began in 4016; Adam Lizzote, a musical and sweet hearted man, met a battle tired demon named Zyron Aasim. At first, everything had seemed great, that is until they moved to Zyron’s home to settle down.

Demonia, what mortal people call Hell, where humans, demons, and other creatures beyond the normal realm live in harmony. 

Zyron is a kind and tired demon, but because of his sister Lucifer, he had been a huge part in a giant war hundreds of years ago to take down his father from destroying the peace that had settled. Now, with his father coming back to attempt to steal power, he must come together with his old group of friends to take him down, only this time is different. Now, he isn’t alone, the sad thing is, neither is his father.

*Updates are not on a set schedule*

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