July 8th, 2019, 12:18 pm
So! Been a while since my last update, huh? First a sorta explanation: so when I first tried to keep a consistent schedule I decided "hey, an update every Friday seems manageable". Turns out, it wasnt! The thing is, I work roughly 37 hours a week at a retail job, give or take, and so trying to force out a page every single week began to seriously drain and burn me out, alongside the drop in quality (Something that was REALLY making me upset). Hence the very long hiatus, I didn't plan for a 3 month hiatus but here we are. ^^" Apologies on that. BUT I've got some good news! I'm going back to work on the redone pages and then chug along back to the action of chapter 3! I've got a lot of cool stuff planned! The main difference now is updates wont be every friday, but just when a page is finished, I'm going to toss it onto all its platforms. Updates will be slower, yes, but if it means I keep my passion and the pages come out good, itll be worth it!

How am I going to run this page now? Well, unfortunately, for a while at least, I'm taking down what i have at the moment. What that means then is once the rest of the pages are up to where i feel like remaking every page is redundant (that's honestly around chapter 3 if I'm quite honest), ill post everything back up again and we can keep going. Its an unfortunate hiccup, but one i feel will work out in the end. I truly feel like now that I have a full grasp on where I'm taking the story, I can revisit the messy beginning Aasim had and take it somewhere proper.

Thank you all for your support, and I'll see you all on my next update. :)